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Sunday, December 14, 2014

'Raccoon selfie gone completely wrong'

Agile Little Guy...  (Public Domain)
When you grab a raccoon off the side of the road in order to wrangle a selfie out of its distress, the outcome can’t be good.

Nebraska DE (Defensive End) Jack Gangwish found this out for himself while “driving around the outskirts of Lincoln” in
his pickup truck.  After coming upon the cute little critter, Gangwish leaped out and coerced it into “an Instagram-optimized position.”

Raccoons, the proverbial Native American tricksters, don’t take to coercion lightly.  “Rocky” therefore did what any self-
respecting coon might:  showed that Gangwish a thing or two by biting his leg.

Now that the tables were turned, Gangwish was one unhappy camper.  Dan Carson of Bleacher Report states that Gangwish “grabbed a crescent wrench” in an attempt to “subdue” the trickster.

Gangwish subdued the raccoon permanently, then made light of the bludgeoning by reporting it as “death by crescent wrench.” 

“Joke’s” on Gangwish, however.  It seems that even if “Rocky” didn’t have rabies, football itself can result in similar symptoms such as aggressiveness and irritability (this according to Gangwish himself
within a now-deleted Tweet of his). 


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