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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

For the physicist who has it all

CERN Offices  (Photo by Gillis Danielsen)
If you’re wondering what to get the “Einstein” in your life, consider this:  A particle accelerator can now be stored on a food-prep counter, right there between the toaster and the
blender (because even physicists have to eat).

HNGN reports that this “tabletop” accelerator is able to excite subatomic particles “to the highest energy ever recorded from a compact accelerator.”

So why bother trekking off to CERN when you can party with particles right within the comfort of your own kitchen?

For those who like to plan ahead, next year’s gift should then be a no-brainer.  In order for the accelerator to get fully (and literally) up to speed, a companion “tunnel” would later be needed.

This tunnel would channel the light pulse in such a way that even “more-energetic electrons” could be handled.

Talk about a holiday light show!  Why it’s enough to brighten anyone’s spirit - and then some.  


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