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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Pope's 78th: Cake, cards and tango

Tango Show (Photo by Jenny Mealing-Flickr)
It was a regular fiesta for Pope Francis’ recent 78th birthday.

So what do you give the pontiff who seemingly has everything?  The crowd presented him with cake, cards (many made by children), and dozens of tango dancers.

Lest there be questions about the dancing, let it not be forgotten that King David had a similar fondness for such holy exuberance.

Wikipedia explains that the tango has roots in both European and African culture.  African slaves were 
once a huge part of the Argentine population.  They brought with them their native dances, many of which 
had been associated with worship. 

The Vatican Associated Press offered this quote:  The tango is a dance that unites all people no matter where 
they come from.

Perhaps worship in general should include more dance and less talk…  


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