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Monday, December 15, 2014

Meditation: Your mind on 'rinse'

Sufi Meditative Singing   (PD)
Although most of us wouldn’t want to go a day without washing the body, so many of us go weeks (years?) without “rinsing” the mind.

In an article titled “5 Convincing Reasons to Start Meditating," MSN Lifestyle compares meditation to placing the mind on rinse cycle.  Within the spaciousness of those daily focused moments, the “static cling” of excessive thoughts and desires can be gently swept away.

If you’re thinking that meditation takes time away from an already-overloaded schedule, the facts may be quite different.  Because meditation helps to concentrate the mind, daily tasks can afterwards become easier and faster. Regular meditators have been known to “do less and accomplish more.”

Not only that, entrenched habits that block efficiency will sometimes fade away.  One meditator reported that she “forgot to smoke” after just a few days of practice.

If you've ever gone surfing, you know the powerful feeling of catching a wave and having “the force of nature on your side.”  Meditators sometimes feel as though they are working in conjunction with the force of the cosmos.  This type of alignment can infuse a person with energy.  The Greeks have called it “enthusiasm” (being “infused with the Holy Spirit”).


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