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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Swastikas for Hanukkah? No way

Ancient Greek Meander Pattern   (Photo by Hannes Grobe) 
Although swastikas might denote “good luck” in some traditions, they certainly don’t connote that among Jews.

It was therefore quite traumatic for Walgreens shopper Cheryl Shapiro “to spot Hanukkah wrapping paper with a geometric border design that had a swastika shape in it.” 

Zoe Mintz of the International Business Times reports that Shapiro wanted the offending items to be removed immediately.  “Walgreens spokesman Phil Caruso said the company would remove the rolls from shelves.”

Mintz explains that some people were “as outraged as Shapiro,” but others thought that she had overreacted.  Some Redditors commented that the alleged “swastika” designs 
were actually examples of meander art from Ancient Greece.


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