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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Pope Fabio the First

Fabio in 2014   (Photo by Glenn Francis)
After Fabio sank his teeth into a new role as Pope on Sharknado 5, he appropriately exclaimed:  Oh my God!  Some swore that the heavens echoed:  I can’t believe it’s not Francis!

Fabio, however, is even more radical.  During an ET interview, he announced that the Catholic Church needs “more celebrate, less celibate.”  To that end, he suggested, “I would have  women closer to God.”  He also said, “It’s about time for an American Pope!” 

This is far from the only unusual event in Fabio’s life.  Back in 1999, he was smacked in the nose by a flying goose while riding the Busch Gardens roller coaster in Williamsburg, Virginia. The goose wound up dead, and Fabio wound up nursing a bloody proboscus.  A marked soul, for sure…


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