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Saturday, August 5, 2017

If D.C.'s a swamp, who are the alligators?

See you later, alligator...    (Public Domain)
Folks in swampy areas become so used to
alligators that they hardly take notice.  Alligators, meanwhile, continue to stalk their prey.  Victims are caught within clenched teeth before knowing what hit them.

So the latest news is that President Trump called D.C. a swamp.  He is therefore making a getaway to New Jersey, a state known for its wetlands.  There he will take swings at golf balls and others.

Back at the D.C. “dump,” workers will be sweating round the clock in order to spruce things up.  This might scare some alligators away, but only temporarily.  To loosely quote another famous Terminator:  They’ll be back.


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