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Monday, February 20, 2017

Truly Truman

Harry and Bess    (Public Domain)
Amidst all the presidential dilly-dallying, one man stood firm:  Harry S. Truman.

Although it is said that the “S” didn’t stand for anything in particular, it could easily have stood for determined “Success.”  This was evident in Truman’s personal life, as well as in his professional one.

Harry met wife-to-be Bess when they were just kids in Sunday School.  From that day on, he allegedly never yearned for another female.  Repeatedly spurned in his advances, Harry wound up waiting eight long years from the time he finally proposed to Bess until their marriage occurred.

When he arose from failure and obscurity to become president, Bess was not pleased with the new lifestyle.  She and daughter Margaret therefore spent most of their time back in Missouri.  Did Harry cherish his newfound freedom?  Did he spend time chasing women around the White House grounds?

No way!  He instead wrote oodles of lovesick letters to his one and only.  How many spouses, let alone presidents, are that faithful?

Although Truman was faced with moral dilemmas of the highest order, and made decisions that hindsight can easily condemn, he never approached these lightly.  Blessed with a strong ethical backbone, “give-‘em-hell” Harry had his face turned toward heaven throughout many of his long hard days.


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