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Friday, February 3, 2017

Frederick Douglass: Alive and well?

Frederick Douglass   (Public Domain)
Next thing you know, POTUS Trump will be singing a duet with long-lost Elvis.  Meanwhile, he’s been singing the praises of Frederick Douglass.  In the present tense.

Citizens are beginning to wonder whether Trump realizes that Douglass has been dead since 1895.  More to the point:  Does Trump even know who Douglass was?

For the record, Douglass was one of the greatest abolitionists who ever lived.  His accomplishments include the following:
liberated slave, self-taught intellectual, great orator, and force “against unfair U.S. immigration restrictions.”

If Douglass were alive, he would soon be celebrating his 200th birthday.  Perhaps Trump could celebrate in advance by lifting today's unfair U.S. immigration restrictions.


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