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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Steve Kerr: 'Boo the player, cheer the man'

Durant 1.0   (Photo by Keith Allison)
Considering that Kevin Durant had given his all to Oklahoma City both on and off the court, Thunder fans were less than appreciative during yesterday's game.

Proving once again that mob psychology is a scary phenomenon, the jeering crowd displayed all the signs of a jilted lover.  From KowarD to Cupcake, mean-spirited slogans rained down upon OKC’s former hero.

While the frenzy was raging, Golden State Warriors Coach Steve Kerr was briefly interviewed.  Without downplaying the role of passion in sports, Kerr wisely advised:  Boo the player, [but] cheer the man.

As NBA analyst Jeff Van Gundy pointed out, if not saying a proper good-bye to Russell Westbrook is the worst thing Durant’s ever done, then he’s led an exemplary life.


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