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Monday, February 27, 2017

Entombed artist carves himself a niche

(Photo by Ahodges7)
There have long been extreme sports, and now there’s extreme art.  French performer Abraham Poincheval is a fan of the latter.

Not content to simply sculpt the innards of a 12-ton boulder, Poincheval decided to entomb himself within them.  He therefore carved out a Poincheval-shaped niche to call home for three whole days.

The good artist did not embark upon this journey empty-handed.  As did pharaohs of old, he entered the darkness well-prepared.  Poincheval’s “carry-in” included soup, water, dried meat, and an empty bottle (with all that water and soup, guess what that was for).

Lest it become lonely in the middle, people have been speaking with Poincheval through a crack in the rock.  They regard him as sort of a father confessor, sharing dreams and nightmares alike.  The artist stated:  They are not so much talking to me, I think, as to the stone.  I am very happy that the stone has got into their heads.

Being buried alive is a tough act to follow, but Poincheval has the perfect encore in mind: walking on clouds.  He hasn’t quite figured out the logistics yet, but Faith says that he will.


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