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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Boo Hoo for Bao Bao

7-month-old Panda Cub     (Public Domain)
Having personally watched giant panda Bao Bao interact with her mother at Washington D.C.’s National Zoo, I couldn’t help but notice the bond between them.

Now Bao Bao will be torn from those she's closest to and flown off to China.  There, like it or not, she’ll be part of “a long-standing breeding and research program.”

True, she’s “just” a panda.  True, she might never have existed were it not for this program.  True, such research could help other pandas to thrive.  And true, Bao Bao may learn to love her new life.

Nevertheless, that golden image of a happy-looking panda family indelibly remains.  Will Bao Bao miss her parents and brother?  Will they long for her?  If only we humans had a clue…


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