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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Earth is flat? Not a problem

Circle or sphere?  You choose...   (NASA photo)
If NBA All-Star Kyrie Irving says the Earth is flat, what’s it to you? 

Although he might have a hard time proving this to teammates who have spent oodles of time viewing the Earth’s curvature from airplane windows, Irving isn’t backing down.

And teammates don't seem worried.  “Little brother” Kyrie is free to think whatever he pleases, just as long as those rings keep coming.

Besides, some of Irving’s claims make perfect sense from a Zen perspective.  Why just recently, Kyrie declared:  …the truth is right there.  You’ve just got to go searching for it.

And when you find it?  You might then agree with Kyrie’s assertion that “this is all a façade…”

The cure?  Irving advises:  Question things, but even if an answer doesn’t come back, you’re perfectly fine with that, because you were never living in that particular truth. There’s a falseness in stories and things that people want you to believe…

Kudos to Kyrie.  Buddha couldn’t have said it better.


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