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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Heels on high demand high heels

Yikes!      (Photo by Xingbo)
When Nicole Thorp arrived    at her new job wearing professional-looking flat shoes, she was told by the supervisor to either return in high heels or be fired.

When Thorp questioned this ultimatum, she was immediately “sent home without pay.”  Because this was just one of many injustices that Thorp had witnessed in workplaces, she decided to fight back.

Thorp proceeded to file a petition “with the British Parliament to make it illegal for companies to require female staffers to wear high heels at work.”  Her efforts resulted in a reversal of this discriminatory policy.  Women are now allowed to wear flats at the very company that had sent Thorp packing.

Thorp hopes that this “first step” will encourage other women to speak out.  She has personally witnessed female colleagues ordered to wear make-up, and even to straighten their hair,  The “archaic notion” that female workers must also be “eye candy” is hopefully on its way to becoming obsolete.

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