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Monday, August 29, 2016

For this dog, life is just ducky

Daisy Duck   (Fair Use)
For a dog named George, life just got a whole lot better. 

Having lost his black-lab buddy Blackie two years ago, George had experienced a deep depression.  Then a strange thing occurred.

Just about two years to the date of Blackie’s passing, a duck suddenly plunked down on George’s front porch.  There seemed to be an immediate affinity between dog and duck.  In fact, George hasn’t whimpered once since the waterfowl’s arrival.

Although dogs are more likely to eat ducks than to befriend them, the two have been inseparable ever since.  Why is this the case?  Could the duck have been Blackie in the last life?  Or are interspecies friendships far more prevalent than previously thought?


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Courteney Cox: Let it be

Cox in 2009  (Photo by Felicia C. Sullivan)
After fighting the telltale signs of aging (and a life well lived) for upteen years, Courteney Cox has come to a wise conclusion:  Let it be.

Cox readily admits:  Getting older is not the easiest thing.  This can be especially true within an industry that considers you washed up at 30.

Nevertheless, Cox extols the virtues of lessons learned.  Engaging in certain cosmetic procedures only made her more anxious.  She explains, “…luckily there are things [procedures] that dissolve and go away.”

Someday our entire bodies will dissolve and go away.  Aging teaches us to accept, and perhaps embrace, that reality.  And who knows?  Perhaps life outside the body’s confines is even more precious…


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It's 'The Voice' not 'The Face'

Keys in 2008   (Photo by Jose Goulao)
For way too long, females have hidden behind their makeup.  Not feeling pretty enough, good enough, loved enough without it, they have layered their faces with chemical preparations.

Kudos to celebrities who are trying to break this misogynist habit. The Insider reports that Adele, Mila Kunis and Alicia Keys are proponents of the makeup-free look.

Keys, who will be coaching on The Voice, has openly admitted that “she had begun to conceal herself behind the makeup.”  She then added that “women were judging each other based on physical appearances.”  

Females have so much more to offer than high heels, lipstick and revealing outfits.  On a show like The Voice, talent should trump image every time. Keys now proclaims: I hope to God it’s a [makeup-free] revolution.  ‘Cause I don’t want to cover up anymore…


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