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Monday, November 7, 2016

Chaotic Creativity

Ping-Pong Balls     (Photo by Universe Greg)
I once worked for a man with a placard that read:  A cluttered desk is a sign of genius. This aptly described his work area, but did it also describe him?

According to Dr. Molly Pennington, it very well might have.  She claims that “messy people have better ideas than the rest of us.”  University of Minnesota researchers asked messy vs. neat people to come up with “new uses for ping-pong balls.”  The messy folks came up with more creative answers than the neatniks.

Not only that, messy people are allegedly more “spontaneous and flexible” than their “Good Housekeeping” counterparts.  Because chaos for them is “business as usual,” they can think on their feet while others crash and burn.

Their tendency to not “sweat the small stuff” makes messy folks seem “more Zen” than the rest.  They are able to go with the tumultuous flow and find blessings within whirlpools.


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