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Friday, November 18, 2016

T-minus 1000 and Counting

Hawking in 2006   (Public Domain)
Renowned physicist Stephen Hawking just reiterated a dire prediction:  Mars or bust!

Those tempted to make fun of his pessimism might want to consider that dinosaurs haven’t been thriving for quite some time.  Hawking believes that humans will meet the same fate if they don’t hightail it to other planets.

He recently proclaimed that if we don’t get out of Dodge within the next thousand years, that’s IT. The clock (or bomb) is ticking, and NOW is the time for action.  Anything could go wrong, from global warming to ice age, from earthquake to volcano, from meteor to solar flare, from holocaust to meltdown.

If that weren’t headache enough, the next 100 years might be the worst.  The same technology that could haul us away from this doomed planet might “redesign itself at an   ever-increasing rate.”  If that should occur, artificial intelligence would then rule the world, and perhaps not too kindly.     


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