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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

'Daddy Donald's' paternalistic prattle

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When Brandon Victor Dixon and his Hamilton colleagues recently made a direct statement to theatergoer Mike Pence, Donald Trump felt the need to intervene from afar.

Trump did so by taking to Twitter with a demanding and insulting tone.  He put forth that Dixon should apologize to Pence, that Dixon should at least memorize such talk, and that Hamilton is overrated anyway.

Big Daddy couldn’t have said it better.

Pence, for his part, responded graciously. While being booed and cheered by fellow audience members (and NOT by Hamilton actors), he whispered to his kids:  That’s what freedom sounds like.  Pence later declared that he “wasn’t offended,” then added:  Hamilton is just an incredible production…  It was a real joy to be there.

Dixon also responded graciously by admitting that, yes, he should have memorized those words.  So Trump scored on one out of three of his jagged points.  Not so bad, but not so good either.


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