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Monday, November 21, 2016

Let it snow!

(Loki in a Pinch)
When is the last time you experienced a snowstorm without thinking about the accompanying headaches?  After all, there's
plowing, shoveling, slipping, sliding and skidding to consider.  Not to mention frostbite and fallen trees…

If snow only occurred once in a lifetime, it would probably be viewed with wonder and joy.  The sheer beauty of a “winter wonderland” can restore our sense and senses.

So let’s take some lessons in mindfulness from Loki, both the Norse god and his namesake dog.  Loki the god is known for shaking things up in a fearless and playful manner.  Loki the dog, whose Internet video has recently gone viral, is known for reveling in a Colorado snowstorm.

The latter Loki, running and leaping while trying to catch flakes in his mouth, knows how to “Be Here Now.”  He doesn’t need lift tickets or cashmere scarves, either.  So next time it snows (which might be five minutes from now), get out there and prance around.  It could make the rest go a whole lot smoother. 


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