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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Steph Curry: First things first

Steve Kerr   (Public Domain)
Sometimes it’s tempting to make bad decisions in favor of immediate gratification.  Steph Curry proved last night that he is not only capable of seeing the big picture, but is also capable of trusting his teammates.

Relinquishing the thought that you always have to save the day is the mark of a mature and humble person.  Curry’s coach, Steve Kerr, put is this way:  Steph is a very rational person.  He’s very easy to speak with…  There’s plenty of cases people played through stuff and it didn’t turn out so well…  We have to look after his health.

While Curry looked after his health, his mates looked after the game.  Stepping aside allows others the space to step forward.  Klay Thompson scored 34 points, Draymond Green 12 with 14 rebounds, and the Warriors won the game.

Without their MVP.  Because there’s an MVP within us all. 


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