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Friday, April 8, 2016

EasyJet: Easy on, easy off

(Photo by Ken Fielding)
It was all too easy for EasyJet to recently remove a flight passenger.

All it took was another passenger’s stated discomfort with him being on the plane.  Was it because his skin is darker than hers?  Was it because his name is Meghary Yemane-Tesfagiorgis rather than John Smith?

Without an explanation, Mr. Yemane-Testfagiogis was suddenly told to leave the aircraft.  When he asked why, he was informed:  A fellow passenger has stated that she does not feel safe with you on board.

Yemane-Tesfagiogis was “ushered off his Rome to London flight by armed police.”   He was “subjected to further questioning and intimidation by the Italian authorities…”   After being declared fit to fly, he had to wait another 15 hours for the next suitable flight.

There is a media campaign that repeatedly blares:  If you see something, say something.  Is what people “see” all that accurate?  Is what they say all that objective?  Is the official follow-up all that fair?


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