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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Jeremiah’s jeremiads

Jeremiah Lamenting...  (by Rembrandt)
Jeremiah certainly had a lot to complain about.  He was not only abused by officials of the day, but was even attacked by his own brothers.  Strutting through the streets of Judah with a yoke around his neck didn’t help matters any.

Although Jeremiah was not above lamenting personal affronts, his complaints were often greater in scope.  He focused upon sins of the nation such as idol worship, greedy priests and false prophets.

Things got so bad that Jeremiah tried to stifle God’s messages.  God’s word then became “like fire in his heart,” and he was “unable to hold it in.”

It’s no wonder that Jeremiah’s name has become synonymous with “mournful complaints” and/or “angry harangues.”  Being a receptacle for God’s holy fire is no walk in the park. 


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