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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Alpha Centauri or bust!

(Image by NASA/Pennsylvania State University)
One solar system just isn’t enough to contain the likes of Stephen Hawking.  He is now aiming straight for Alpha Centauri.

A challenge for sure, even for one of Earth’s greatest geniuses.  However, Hawking’s already well on his way to making it happen.

He and partner Yuri Milner are offering to “fund the development of a light-propelled nanocraft.”  The Washington Post reports that it would “fly through space… pushed by the physical force of light particles instead of by wind.”

Getting there is just half the fun.  Once in the vicinity of Alpha Centauri, the “little nano that could” will search for signs of alien life.  At the very least, this venture will fulfill a longing that runs deep within the human spirit.

Hawking and Milner are both blessed with extraordinary doses of holy curiosity.  Hawking is itching to break free of gravity.  As he puts it:  I believe what makes us unique is transcending our limits.

Ever the cosmic cheerleader, Milner heartily agrees.  He asserts:  I just think it would be cool to make it happen.


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