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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Andrew Jackson: Hiding out back

Tubman in Civil War   (Public Domain)
Just as he must have sprung from behind during many a surprise attack, “Old Hickory” will soon be hiding out back on America’s $20s.

Leading the charge up front will be Harriet Tubman, as strong a freedom fighter as any.  Although many know that Tubman was a valiant guide for the Underground Railroad (“who never lost a passenger”), fewer realize that she also served as “an armed scout and spy” during the Civil War.  During her later years, Tubman also worked tirelessly “to promote the cause of women’s suffrage.”

Enjoying his privileged position on the $20 bill for so long, Jackson will not go gently into that good night.  After all, he fought long and hard to be in a monetary lineup with the likes of Washington, Lincoln and Franklin.

Those who honor Jackson's contributions to United States history do not want him edged off the $20.  Those allergic to genocide don’t want him anywhere near their wallets.


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