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Friday, April 22, 2016

Master numbers: Numerology trio

(Photo by Chrisobyrne)
The three master numbers (11, 22 and 33) are considered to be double- digit doses of strength.

Hans Decoz explains that 11 lends insight and intuition.  It represents the epitome of “gut feeling and knowledge without rationality.”  When focused upon specific goals, this number can help to achieve great things.  Because it is also prone to anxiety and withdrawal, 11 can be
self-sabotaging at times.

The number 22 is called the "Master Builder" because of its extreme potency.  More powerful than any other number, it combines the intuition of 11 with “a grounded and scientific approach.”  This results in a masterful combination of ambition plus discipline.  However, it can also lead to a pressure-cooker lifestyle.

When 11 and 22 are combined, 33 appears.  This “Master Teacher” number heightens the qualities of its two components.  Those with 33 in a core chart tend to fact-check their intuitive hunches.  They are known to practice what they preach, and to preach from a research perspective.

Decoz concludes that, at their best, these three master numbers “create a triangle of enlightenment.”


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