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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Black holes: The only way out is through

(Simulation by Alain r)
The latest in a series of astonishing revelations from Stephen Hawking sounds something like this:  If you’re caught in a black hole, just keep going.

Whereas it was previously thought that black-hole pilgrims would turn to spaghetti, Hawking is now rewriting the recipe.  During a recent speech at Harvard University, he declared:  “If you feel you’re in a black hole, don’t give up.  There’s a way out.”

This is not merely meant to be metaphorical.  The great physicist truly believes that black holes have a “back door,” and that they “aren’t the eternal prisons they were once thought.” 

And where might such back doors lead?  Hawking has an answer for that too:  They may be portals to other dimensions and universes.

This lends credence to the age-old philosophy that the only way out is through.  Exploration has always been rife with danger.  Is hurtling through a black hole in the 21st century that much riskier than hurtling through the Grand Canyon in the 19th?   


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