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Sunday, October 18, 2015

'Work spouses': Tighten those boundaries

Jealousy and Flirtation    (Painting by Haynes King)
If you have a wife or husband, so-called “work
spouses” can be especially threatening to the actual marriage.

Whereas isolated sexual chemistry often fizzles, emotional attachments can be far more compelling.  The “work spouse” with whom you share creative energies, meals and oodles of time can easily turn into your primary confidante.  Before you know it, home becomes a place where you just go to crash.

Those who wish to turn the tide in favor of their real marriage might find a two-pronged approach to be helpful.  Social worker Sherry Amatenstein presents the following:  tighten on-the-job boundaries by deliberately stopping that which fosters personal intimacy with your “work spouse” while making a concentrated effort to revive the joy at home.


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