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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Football rivals: Kneeling in unity

Chinese game of cuju     (Photo by Soerfm)
Does simply kneeling on a football field and praying after a game violate “the Constitutional mandate for separation of church and state”?

It could if the coach is doing so on public school property.  Thus deemeth Superintendent Aaron Leavell of the Bremerton, Washington School District…

Not everyone agrees.  Coach Joe Kennedy’s law firm, Liberty Institute, contends that “the district has no right to ban the coach from personally praying.”  Kennedy has neither verbally encouraged nor verbally discouraged students from emulating his display of devotion.

Nevertheless, is such a public example set by a school leader while “on the job” in and of itself encouragement?  Students from both teams have, indeed, been joining the coach in this practice. 

On the one hand, this is a wonderful show of unity between opposing factions.  On the other hand, can too much public unity eventually endanger the free expression of diversity?      


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