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Friday, October 16, 2015

And the lioness shall lie down with the fox

Isaiah    (by Michelangelo)
While waiting for the lion to lie down with the lamb, there may be a few evolutionary hurdles to overcome.

However, Joshua Nevett of Fuzzfix hints that this Isaiah-like progression might already be in the works.  Nevett presents a series of photos that show an injured fox at the mercy of a pride of lions.

Whereas the male lion displayed no hesitation in going after the fox as an afternoon snack, the lioness surprisingly defended the helpless canine against her mate.  She got right up in the lion’s face and let the fur fly.

The male roared in frustration that his mate would take the side of a tiny fox, no less.  He then retreated, tail between his mighty legs.  

The lioness eventually bid the fox a fond farewell before taking off with her pride.  No doubt counting his blessings, the fox limped off into the tall grass.


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