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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Post-wedding blues: Uh oh for life?

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As the excitement of the wedding and honeymoon fades, the reality of a lifetime together begins to sink in.

For some, this could be a period of “Uh oh, what did I get myself into?”  Thoughts such as these could make a person feel tremendously guilty.

However, in many ways they are perfectly normal.  After all, marriage can be a rite of passage from “adolescence” to adulthood.  With that transition comes the perception (and often the reality) of giving up independence and adventure.

Nevertheless, this transition doesn’t have to be such an either/or.  Katherine Schreiber of Greatest offers suggestions for combining the best of both phases of life.

These tips include the following: Continue to incorporate adventure into your life, with your spouse and on your own.  Do not forsake those creative endeavors that “defined” you as a single person.  Speak with your partner about marital fears, and work on them together.  If needed, seek counseling help.    


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