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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Terri Irwin: Unto death don’t us part

Terri Irwin     (Public Domain)
For many, it’s a feat just to fulfill the wedding vow “Unto death do us part.”  For Terri Irwin, that was the easy part. 

She continues to remain steadfast in her wedding vow, even nine years after Steve Irwin’s death.  When recently asked about dating, Terri simply replied:  I think I’ve had my happily ever after.

In fact, she may have never gotten married in the first place had she not met Steve.  ETOnline reports that “the two fell quickly in love.”  After an eight-month whirlwind romance, they tied the knot, then “filmed the pilot episode of… The Crocodile Hunter on their honeymoon.”

It’s not that Terri is against remarriage in theory.  She wishes those “who have lost someone and have loved again” only the best.

Terri explains:  …while I’m lonely for Steve, I’m not a lonely person.  She continues to “feel immense love and loyalty to Steve.”

How’s that for a happily ever after?


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