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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Israel: Halakhic law not democratic

Babylonian Talmud    (Photo by Reuvenk)
In considering a bill “that could herald the first step toward making Israel a country governed by Jewish law (halakha),” the Ministerial Committee for Legislation ought to think carefully.

Requiring judges to apply key components of Jewish law (as based upon the Talmud, the Mishna and halakhic rulings) would not bode well for a democratic Israeli government. 

First of all, a large number of Israel citizens are neither religious nor Jewish.  Why should they be forced to abide by halakhic law?  According to Haaretz, halakhic law has also been known to systematically discriminate “against populations such as women and non-Jews.”

Israel might wish to take a cue from its “sister democracy” across the sea.  Maintaining “a wall of separation” between synagogue and state can help to insure the vitality of a democratic process.


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