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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

United We Crawl

Ideal situation!         (Public Domain)
D’Arcee Neal, who works for the United States government as a disability advocate, “lives with cerebral palsy and requires a wheelchair for transportation.”

Michal Addady of Fortune reports that Neal had to crawl off a recent United Airlines flight while onlooking flight attendants failed to provide assistance.

Because Neal urgently needed a restroom at the time, he had asked to be helped off the plane.  His requests “were not taken seriously,” which is why he decided to fend for himself.

One of the onlookers afterwards “felt guilty,” and brought this incident “to the attention of the airline.”  The very next day, United not only apologized, but also suspended the manager who had been on duty and offered Neal $300 in compensation.

Unfortunately, this was not the first time that Neal had experienced such a difficulty with deplaning. It was, however, the first time that any airline had apologized to him.


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