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Friday, October 23, 2015

Apocalyptic guide to fine dining

What's for dinner?    (Photo by Rsika)
Since quite a bit of time may elapse between the Apocalypse and Judgement Day, it helps to have some strategies in place to see you through.

Those who are still among the living will find that eating remains essential. The following grab-and-grub techniques
can therefore be key to any survival plan.

Foraging depends upon which region you’re in when it all comes down.  Say you’re on a ski trip in the frigid North... Unfortunately, you may then “end up being foraged upon” instead.  If you’re lucky enough to be in the tropics, then bananas for dinner might become the norm.

For those willing to prey upon their fellow creatures, hunting and fishing might suffice. This would far more likely consist of a diet of rodents and insects than it would a gourmet round of lobster and venison.

If you plan to sit (hungrily) around waiting for a garden to grow, then be sure to have some non-hybrid seeds stashed away.  The Daily Meal explains that “typical store-bought seeds aren’t reusable.”  While you’re at it, keep a “good metal pot with a tight-fitting lid and a handle on top to hang above a fire.”  Nothing worse than having to constantly crunch on raw potatoes...


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