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Thursday, October 1, 2015

When choosing a long-term mate

Samson's Marriage Feast   (Painting by Rembrandt)
Wise sayings throughout the ages have had much to convey about choosing a long-term mate.  Many of these focus upon the person within.  For example, this Akan proverb clearly states:  Marriage is like a groundnut: you have to crack them to see what is inside.

Nevertheless, people still tend to focus quite a bit upon relative externals.  Karla Bowsher of Money Talks News reports on two large national studies regarding mate preferences.

After surveying “28,000 heterosexual participants ranging in age from 18 to 75 years,” researchers from California’s Chapman University found that “gender was by far the strongest predictor of what people want in a long-term mate.”

Whereas the male participants prioritized a “good looking” and “slender” partner, the female participants prioritized one who “had a steady income” and could make “a lot of money.”

Looks and money, money and looks.  Both these “priorities” are highly subject to the “here today, gone tomorrow” flow of life.  This could be why many modern marriages don’t last all that long. 


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