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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Prison food: Cruel punishment?

Rare in Prisons   (Photo by Ali ringo)
Being confined to a cell is bad enough, having to depend upon most prison fare for sustenance is worse yet.

Samantha Olson of Medical Daily reports on the disclosures of an inmate, Brent Kostner, who has spent 43 years behind bars.  Kostner stated that prison food has gotten “progressively worse and worse and worse.”

Although budget cuts have intensified the problem, prison food has never been all that healthful.  There is an often-used “re-rack system” that freezes and re-serves “95 percent of uneaten food.” 

Kostner points out that “questions of ethical standards” can certainly be raised.  Not only do prison meals “lack basic dietary necessities,” but they also generally lack fresh fruits and vegetables.

Unfortunately, the Food and Drug Administration and Department of Health food regulations that apply to the general public do not necessarily apply to prisoners.

After Olsen tried eating a prison-oriented diet for just a week, she noted that this regimen had terribly affected her ability to “concentrate, exercise, sleep and eat. 

Sounds cruel and inhumane, to say the least…


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