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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Relationship yoga: Reaching out

Sun and Moon Bay    (Photo by Zhangmoon618)
Perhaps if the principles of yoga were applied to relationships, more of them would stretch rather than break.

As social workers Linda and Charlie Bloom point out, “Yoga” embraces far more than just physical postures. There is jnana (knowledge) yoga, bhakti (devotion) yoga, karma (service) yoga, and raja (meditation) yoga. 

So why not add “relationship yoga,” a practice which could easily include elements of all these other forms.  Since the core meaning of “Yoga” is “Union,” this would seem to be a natural fit.

Because the term “Yoga” can also refer to the yoke that enables two oxen to pull together in the same direction, “relationship yoga” may strengthen commitment bonds as well.

Just as Hatha Yoga allows people to relax into previously-untenable physical positions, relationship yoga could also help soften their psychological defenses.

Since the term "Hatha" encompasses both the masculine (“Ha” or “sun”) and the feminine (“tha” or “moon”), a yogic approach might assist with balancing masculine and feminine energies.


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