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Monday, September 14, 2015

Judaism minus Zionism equals what?

Theodor Herzl, 'Founder' of Zionism   (PD)
Subtract Zionism from Judaism, and what are you left with?  The answer to that depends greatly upon who’s being asked.

Sara Weissman of Religion News Service recently reported on Tzedek Chicago, a new synagogue “that identifies as non-Zionist.”

This synagogue’s rabbi and congregants explain that “nationalism-infused Judaism” is “not only unnecessary but harmful.”

Tzedek Chicago’s (thus far) 85-member congregation takes issue with “the human rights abuses and other problems… in modern-day Israel.”

There has been some pushback from other sectors of Judaism.  Some say that “you cannot cut off Israel from Judaism… the word ‘Judaism’ was the religious affiliation of the people who lived in the land of Judea.”

Some further explain that having “a spiritual and a covenantal relationship with the state of Israel” does not necessarily mean agreeing with all of its politics and policies.


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