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Saturday, September 26, 2015

ID card: I carry, therefore I am

FDR signs Social Security Act in 1935   (Public Domain)
These days, the struggle for existence does not primarily take place in the jungle.  Nor is it primarily an ontological affair.

It instead occurs in bureaucratic settings such
as the Social Security Administration, where people are issued strings of numbers which allegedly validate states of being.

Stephen Hudak of the Orlando Sentinel reports
that a man who has suffered from retrograde amnesia for 11 long years was recently issued a state ID card.  Due to the vigorous efforts of IDignity, an organization that works on restoring legal identities, Hudak is now an acknowledged entity.

IDentity's director, Michael Dippy, explained that without a government-issued ID, a person “can’t apply for a job, collect government benefits, sign a lease, enroll in school, get a library card, write a check, cash a check and, in some places, you can’t even stay at a homeless shelter.”


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