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Monday, September 21, 2015

How Russell Wilson 'found God'

Transfiguration of Jesus  (by Carl Bloch)
Because an omniscient God knows exactly where we are at all times, it is we who actually need to find Him.

This is sometimes accomplished within the dream state.  Quarterback Russell Wilson had this happen to him at age 14.

During a video titled "The Making of a Champion,” Wilson explained that Jesus came to him in a dream saying, “Hey,you need to find out more about me.”

Unfortunately, this dream also included a foreshadowing of Wilson’s father’s death.  The dream was so powerful that Wilson went to church and “got saved” that very same Sunday morning.

His young life then turned around remarkably.  Wilson was no longer the “bad kid” who “beat up kids…”

The football star then went on to use “the talent God has given him.”  Wilson continues to firmly believe:  No one can stop what God has for you.


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