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Monday, September 28, 2015

Dream themes: What they might mean

The Knight's Dream  (by Antonio de Pereda, 1655)
Some dreams seem either so vivid or so recurrent that we figure they must mean
something.  What that “something” is, however, can be difficult to discern.

Psychologist Ian Wallace has made it his business to study thousands of dreams during decades of practice.  Dina Spector of Business Insider reports on Wallace’s interpretations and advice regarding nine of the most common dream themes he has encountered.

For example, many people have dreams about falling.  Wallace interprets this to mean that they are “hanging on too tightly to a particular situation in waking life.”  He advises these individuals to “relax and let go of it.”

Then there are the dreams about flying.  Wallace explains that this theme indicates that “you have managed to make a weighty decision or risen above the limitations of a heavy responsibility.”

Others, of course, have analyzed dreams from a spiritual perspective.  They might interpret a theme about flying to mean that the dreamer’s soul had been temporarily freed from the body, perhaps as a “dress rehearsal” for what Heaven might be like.


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