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Friday, September 18, 2015

Body positivity amidst Boise bustle

Beautiful Downtown Boise   (Photo by Patrick R.)
Amidst the hustle and bustle of America’s heartland stood one lone female in a bikini. She was not some rail-thin supermodel; in fact, she described herself as “fat.”

Determined to promote the message that “all bodies are valuable,” Amy Pence-Brown had propped up a sign in front of her which read:  I’m standing for anyone who has struggled with a self-esteem issue like me…

Passersby responded beautifully.  One woman immediately rushed over to tell Pence-Brown that she was “brave and powerful,” and to give her a hug.  Many offered written, verbal and non-verbal affirmations.

The human body is a precious one, a gift to be cherished.  Anyone who seeks a miracle might just want to look in the mirror.  No matter what the fashion world promotes, all bodies are works of art, science and so much more.


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