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Thursday, September 24, 2015

A pumpkin may be somebody's brother

'Woodstock' for Pumpkinheads     (Photo by Frenchtowner)
Ever wonder where that guy you used to see all
the time ended up?

‘Tis the season to wonder whether he’s morphed into a pumpkin.  After all, the recurring motif of a morphing pumpkin has shown up in story after story over the ages.

Take L. Frank Baum’s story, Jack Pumpkinhead, for example.  Lucky Jack, who originally had “a pumpkin for a head on a wooden body,” was later “brought to life.”

Then there’s Cinderella, a tale in which a pumpkin is turned into a carriage, and then back again at the stroke of midnight.

Harry Potter students are often imbibing pumpkin juice, perhaps to keep their morphing magic alive and well.

In Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Feathertop, pumpkin-oriented witchcraft is also practiced.  Wikipedia explains that “a witch turns a scarecrow with a ‘pumpkinhead’ into a man.”

So check carefully before slicing into that big old orange squash.  You never quite know where, what or who it’s been before.


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