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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Extroverts: Not always ‘on’

Childhood Friends   (Photo by Squelle)
Just as introverts often get a bad rap (i.e., too shy, quiet, cold, etc.), so do their counterparts.

Extroverts may be portrayed as loud, egocentric and boorish, but MSN Lifestyle asserts that these alleged traits are more mythological than they are factual.

There is a huge difference between an extrovert and a “blabbermouth.”  Extroverts do enjoy lively conversations, but are often as adept at listening as they are at speaking.  Blabbermouths, on the other hand, will not let you get a word in edgewise.

Although extroverts do have a large capacity for socializing, they also need their downtime.  This includes doses of solitude, which allows them to process all the stimuli that they are so adept at gathering.

Rather than being overly self-absorbed, many extroverts are intensely interested in others.  They are the “icebreakers” at parties, conferences and other group situations.  Ideas are exchanged, humor starts flowing, and crowds loosen up when extroverts begin to work their magic.

Extroverts, in fact, are “the last people in the room to not care what you think.”  As human as anyone else, they can be nervous about what kind of an impression they’re making.  Since they thrive on social situations, that impression can become all the more important.   


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