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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Ciara and Russell Wilson: Doing it Jesus' way

(Photo by Toby Hudson)
According to Ciaro, she and quarterback Russell Wilson are doing it Jesus’ way.  The singer was referring to being celibate outside of marriage.

And they’re allegedly far from the only ones.

Ciaro told Marc Malkin of E! Online, “For what it’s worth I think there are so many people like us.”

Perhaps.  But perhaps not in the entertainment and sports industries.

Wilson, who initiated this decision, confided:  …God spoke to me.  He said, ‘I need you to lead her.’

He then approached Ciara with this request:  What would you do if we took all that ‘extra stuff’ off the table…

Apparently Ciara agreed, and she now says that Wilson is “the best guy in the world for me.”


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