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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Freedom walk: The need ‘to be human’

Angela Merkel   (Photo by Muller/MSC)
Fleeing from inhumane conditions in their native lands, hundreds of thousands are desperately seeking asylum in Europe.

Many feel justified in this quest, as they blame Europe and the United States for “a Middle East made intolerable by wars.”

Sky News reports that many have resorted to making their way on foot from Hungary, through Austria, to Germany.  “Children in pushcars and disabled people in wheelchairs” have been part of this mighty freedom walk.

Some are carrying pictures of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and referring to her as “Mother.”  Merkel has declared that “her country would be setting no limit to the number of people who could seek asylum” in Germany.

This year alone, Germany is expected to welcome a total of 800,000 refugees.  These migrants are not seeking fortune and fame, but simply the basic right to live as “human beings.”


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