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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Sharing: Caring or Overbearing?

Yours, Mine or Ours?  (Photo by Jonny)
Generosity is often seen as a valued human trait.  Nevertheless, there may be times when sharing seems overbearing.

One mom, Alayna Kolberg, is receiving flak on Facebook for teaching her son, Carson, that it’s okay to go solo with possessions at times.  When asked by peers if they could play with his toys, Carson refused.  

Kolberg asked readers to view this refusal from a “different perspective.”  Although this group of peers had the right to ask, Carson had the right to go with his own level of comfortability.  Kolberg feels she is teaching him the essential skills of self-care and assertiveness.

Psychologist Eileen Kennedy-Moore points out that “learning the balance between setting boundaries and practicing generosity is key.”  Too many of us say yes when we really mean no.  This habit can lead to resentments and broken relationships.


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