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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Declutter what?

Maybe too many...  (Photo by Niemayer)
A huge concept such as “decluttering life” is too big for most.  When broken down into smaller steps, it becomes quite manageable.

Pop Sugar therefore lists categories of items that can be effectively decluttered.  These include books, magazines, jewelry, food, and even memorabilia.

Do you even know what’s in that old notebook anymore?  Is it from the class of 2002?  How about the textbooks that went with it?  Are you really up on calculus these days?

And how about those single earrings?  Perhaps the second ones will never be found.  And last week’s rotting lettuce? No amount of salad dressing will fix that.

Memorabilia, now that’s a tough one.  Although (and because?) you’ve been married for upteen years, old love letters can be especially compelling.  But do you want heirs digging through them upon your unfortunate demise?

So grab that broom and make a clean sweep of the excess.  You might even find a few stray earrings along the way. 


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