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Thursday, May 4, 2017

No Water, No Life

Milwaukee County Courthouse  (Photo by Sulfur)
It is common knowledge that human life cannot exist for long without water.  Deliberately cutting off a person’s water supply could easily result in cruel and inhumane punishment.

CNN reports that Milwaukee County Jail inmate Terrill Thomas had been “denied water [there] for seven days.”  Thomas then “died of dehydration in his cell.”

Jurors are now recommending that “criminal charges be filed again seven employees” of the jail. These charges would likely involve “neglect and abuse,” rather than homicide.

When Thomas' water was shut off, this was not even noted in the jail logs.  Lt. Meadors, the officer who claims to have “ordered only the toilet water to be turned off in his cell,” explained that water shut-offs occur “so often” there.

In the Thomas family's "25-page federal civil complaint,” it is alleged that “the defendants deliberately and willfully failed to provide Thomas medical care.”


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