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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

10-5: A notch up from 10-4

10-5in' it!   (Public Domain)
Whereas 10-4 is usually just an acknowledgement, 10-5 can be an affirmation.

In the business world, the term 10-5 stands for this:  When you see a co-worker within 10 feet of you, smile as you make eye contact. When one is within five feet, take the time to say hello.

Come to think of it, life would be a lot sunnier if this informal rule were applied elsewhere.  Although impractical on the streets of a major city, it could work well within small towns.

When leaders set a friendly tone, others tend to follow suit.  Office managers are therefore advised to “pay attention to employees’ concerns,” not while leashed to a cell phone, but while offering them some hearty 10-5s.


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